Wednesday, November 21, 2007

StyleFeeder Uncovers The Hottest Holiday Gifts

StyleFeeder Experts Uncover This Season’s Hottest Holiday Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for friends and family can be enough to turn anyone into the Grinch. It can mean hours of wandering through crowded malls and endless Web surfing for the ultimate present for your fashionista sister who only wears couture or your brother, the gadget nut who stood in line overnight for an iPhone. But with the help of and its army of expert online shoppers, you can discover perfect gift ideas for anyone on your list. And you can get a little “return-on-investment” for yourself by creating your own wish list with items from anywhere on the Web – no more sweaters to banish into the bottom drawer or tacky ties to re-gift!

StyleFeeder’s experts – ranging from gadget geeks to interior designers and fashion mavens – have identified the following hot holiday gift items for everyone on your list:

For Her:

Try a little color and sparkle to brighten up the winter nights with bright red high-collared coats, cheeky necklaces and fabulous makeup brushes to make her feel beautiful:

For Music Lovers:

While iPods are still in high demand, serious music aficionados are all about vinyl. Luckily, those oldies but goodies can easily go digital with an audio CD burner that converts old LPs and 45s into MP3-ready audio files. And for those old enough to remember life before MP3s, try the Tape2PC converter and bring your favorite mix tapes back to life.

For the Pop Culture Fanatic:

Fortunately for you, the Hollywood writers’ strike might be freeing up some time for the TV and movie addict on your list. Ease their pain by gifting a classic movie or television show on DVD. The StyleFeeder favorites this season are:

For Creative Types:

What about the artsy hipster? Check out the Lomagraphy Fish-eye 2 camera, which is perfect for capturing that funky but artistic shot. Or, add a little Zen with the Buddha Board, a slate with special paint that fades over time, encouraging budding artists to live in the moment.

For Gadget Hounds:

Have a friend whose laptop has become an extra appendage? They’ll love a customized laptop skin. And caffeine addicts will appreciate their own drink warmer that plugs into their computer’s USB port to keep coffee either piping hot or perfectly cold.

For the Person Who Has Everything:

They probably don’t have a dental floss holder shaped like a piranha or a disembodied head. Or bookends that also serve as functional fishbowls.

Stocking Stuffer:

Who wouldn’t love a Portable Conversation Starter with provocative ice breakers that help speed along those long car rides home from Grandma’s house.

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