Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Make Your Own Personal TV Website!

Users can now brand themselves globally with ChannelME.TV

The Market is Ripe for Personal TV websites, like ChannelME.TV?

· An estimated 107.7 million online video viewers in 2006 (eMarketer) and projected to reach 157 million by 2010.

· The proliferation of online video in increasingly difficult for users to find the video they are searching for.

· Video sites are big and difficult to find what you are looking for especially if you are trying to find a specific person’s videos

· Lengthy URLs are cumbersome and difficult remember

· TV means tv (video) globally in all languages

· .TV offers online viewers a simple and easily recognizable gateway to finding rich media content on the Internet

· Traditionally - visual entertainment has been a passive, one-way communication outlet. Viewers tune into the programming on their televisions and consume the best and worst of content designed to appeal to the masses. With a ChannelMe.TV site, millions of individuals now have the opportunity to move away solely from the “turn on and tune in” model. They now get to actively engage in and even initiate a two-way communication, acting as both content programmer and consumer of programs. Within their own personal channels, people can build their own networks and join other networks.

· For less than the price of one month’s worth of cable programming, people can have access to hours of entertainment and content they want to see. Consumers can be their own personal Video Jockey and program their video channel with just a few clicks - all that for just $24.95 for the year.

Program Your Channel

· ChannelMe.TV allows users to upload original videos or link to their favorite videos from all around the web.

· Depending on your passion, build your channel to reflect those interests.

· Let others watch, comment and rate your ChannelMe.TV channel

· Users get their own channel, plus all of the tools to build it out and program it...on top of that; users get social networking tools to create their own community. Publishing is as easy as creating a blog.

· Dot TV is for anyone who is looking to create their own channel and create their own brand on the web.

· Quickly and easily build your own channel in minutes - - Use it for yourself or make it social.

· ChannelME.TV offers consumers the right tools at the right price; .TV is changing the way traditional websites are built. For the first time, people now have the opportunity to easily create and join a video-centric online community

o At $24.95, people now have the ability to own and create cool site in minutes with killer video experience and social networking, for less than the price of one month of cable

o .TV gives people everywhere the tools to build their own personalized online video centric social networking channel without having to have any knowledge of programming or web design

Current ChannelME Product Features

Profiles / Custom Avatar



Video Upload

Video Sharing

Photos and Images

Ad based rev sharing with consumers


Linking to other sites

Future features include: video editing, mobile, broadcasting, extensive customization, and much more!

Be the Master of Your Own Domain

· .TV is the only website attaching social Web 2.0 tools to domain names.

· .TV is about personalization and the empowerment of the individual looking to have their own place on the web at an affordable price.

· Buy your own domain name; use ChannelMe.TV tools.

Personalize Your Channel

· ChannelMe.TV offers fun and unique templates which allow users to customize everything from their Avatar, About Me, Interests, Favorite Videos, Music, etc.

· ChannelMe.TV promotes original content and allows users to create their own blogs, forums or polls.

· Make your entries private or public and choose from moderated or unmoderated comments.

· Creating a photo album is easy; whether you’re uploading one photo or adding your whole collection, ChannelMe.TV lets your friends and others see, comment and even rate them.

· Link to other personal profiles you’ve created on other sites around the web.


· Celebrity backing: Pop Culture expert Carson Daly stays ahead of the online curve.

· ChannelMe.TV offers unique advertising program that allows users to earn extra cash by hosting ad content on their personal site.

Proof Points

· $24.95 per year.

· Includes: Website templates and themes, Social Networking Tools, ID Protect, customization, five levels of privacy.

· ID Protect: Unlike most domain regulations, ID works in the same way as having your phone number “unlisted”: it prevents people from gaining access to your private information including phone number, address, etc.

Why .TV?

.TV is the natural extension of video on the Internet.

.TV is global.

.TV is more descriptive and memorable than a long URL string.

.TV is more available. Consumers can more easily buy the .TV name they want.

.TV reinforces that a site will be video-centric.

Video is the New Content Medium

Broadband adoption has become mainstream

over 50% and growing

Video production is cheaper

Users are consuming video

50% of US internet users downloaded video (Comscore Sept)

Video now drives the agenda of media companies

UGC is moving to video

Google buys YouTube for $1.65B

Major TV networks embrace digital downloads of first-run TV series

A good analogy (In regards to the evolution of media, specifically channels)

Phase 1 - Network TV (NBC,ABC,CBS, FOX - 4 channels)
Phase 2 -Cable TV (80-100 channels)
Phase 3 -Satellite TV (250 channels)

NOW – ChannelME.tv (millions of individual channels with specialized programming that is interactive and encourages user contribution)