Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Inexpensive iPod must have gifts!

ezSound 2.1™ Indoor/Outdoor/Dorm-room Speakers for iPod®
- National Geographic Adventurer - Must Have!
Steve Casimiro - National Geographic Adventure3 in 1 speaker system offers great sound and more

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Mini Boom Box

Though not the smallest of portable iPod speakers, the ezGear ezSound 2.1 thumps out big and bright audio. Fueled by four AAA batteries or power adapter, the 4x inch party-maker works with all iPod models and has stereo speakers and a two-inch Subwoofer.

The ezSound 2.1 speaker system is total audio solution for iPod users. The ezSound 2.1 are:

· A portable three (3) speaker audio system with a “TRUE” subwoofer that can be powered by batteries or AC power.

· A desktop speaker for use at work, home, or on the road.

The ezSound 2.1 was developed to provide a flexible speaker solution for the everyday iPod listener. With a balance between audio quality, compact size, and functionality, the ezSound 2.1 is the perfect speaker for everyone.

Three Speaker Audio System with “TRUE” bass subwoofer

The ezSound 2.1 includes three (3) speakers for a full range of music reproduction. Two (2) 1” tweeters provide high range stereo sound. The ezSound 2.1 does not simulate the bass signal like other speaker systems. The system includes a 2.5” vented subwoofer to offer “TRUE” bass audio. Crossovers circuits send the proper audio signals to each speaker for a rich full sound.

On The Road

The ezSound 2.1 speakers are incredibly compact (4" (W) x 5 1/4" (L) x 1 5/8" (H) with a total weight less than 10 ounces while still offering a big sound. This makes them perfect for a picnic, a backpack, or traveling. When traveling on business, these speakers take up little space in your suitcase, and if you are on vacation, it’s a great way to entertain the whole family.

In Your Home

The speakers are the perfect footprint to fit on a dresser, a kitchen counter, your night table, or even your bathroom counter. A fold out lift on the bottom helps direct the sound off the table and into the room. Four rubber bumpers keep the speakers from slipping and from scratching your furniture.


The ezSound 2.1 is compatible with all iPods, Zune, Zen, Sansa or any other audio device with an earphone jack.


  • Three (3) Speaker Stereo System for iPod
  • Includes 2 1" Tweeters; 1 2.5" Subwoofer
  • Compact speaker design is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Audio Cable connects to iPod, Zune, Zen or other players.
  • Runs on 4 AAA batteries for portable use
  • Runs on AC power (adapter included)
  • LED Power Indicator, Volume control, ON/Off Switch
  • Fold out lift raises speakers to project sound into the room
  • 4 Rubber feet keep the speakers secure on all surfaces


    • Data Connectors: USB & IEEE1394

    • Audio Connector: 3.5mm

    • Power Input: USB/1394/+12VDC/Battery

    Amplifier section

    • Maximum output power 2Wx2+3W (7W)

    • (10% T.H.D. 1kHz, 4Ω)

    Speaker Section

    • Sub-woofer 52mm magnetically shielded

    • Satellite Speaker 28mm magnetically shielded

    • Impedance 8Ω General

    • Power Adapter (+12V/500mA)

    • Dimensions (4"W x 5 1/4"L x 1 5/8"H)

    Supplied Accessories

    • AC power adapter • USB Cable • 1394 Cable

    • 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio connection cable

Retail Pricing is $49.95