Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Smallest 50 inch TV screen!

The Smallest 50" Inch Video Screen

The days of star trek (the next generation) Gordi LaForge's space age visor are NOW nothing new. Now, just another example of art imitating life, however I'll bet Gordi never had a television inside his visor!

Well, we do now. ezgear has released a product called the EZgear EZ Vision Video Glasses, a high tech set of eyeglasses with the capability to simulate a 50 inch television screen viewed at 8 feet distance. An amazing concept! How long have we been waiting for something like this?

The EZvision glasses are very lightweight weighing only 4.0 ounces. It can accept just about any input source, such as an ipod, a dvd player, an xbox, a psp, Nintendo wii - if your device has RCA cables, S-Video, it will work with these glasses. (you may need an adapter cable in some instances, however EZgear has these on their website) Also, you may read their FAQ

Included with the EZvision are:

- Built in stereo earphones, or use your own with a special splitter cable

- 8 hour rechargeable Lithium ion battery pack

- iPod & DVD compatible video and audio adapters

- AC adapter

- two comfortable nose pieces for a custom fit

Technical Specifications:


2 TFT LCD Displays

Video Signal



230,000 Pixels (320x240)

Viewing Angle

25 degrees (diagonal)

Image size

50” at 8.5’ effective image size

Power consumption


Battery Life

8-10 hours


2.5 oz. without cables

Operating temperature

40-100 degrees F

Storage temperature

0-140 degrees F



Support: (801) 747-2288

Rating (out of 5)

4/5 (pricing slightly high)


A very versatile and convenient device. Imagine the possibilities and flexibility for personal and business uses. Price point make it out of reach for some.