Friday, August 17, 2007

SavaFav - save a fav! Save, share and vote for your favorites

Social bookmarking is THE way to discover news, stories and information on the internet. It utilizes the power of the people to create the content. The premise is to use the personal website bookmarks from Internet explorer, Safari and Firefox as the content.

When a user visits a site that they like, they can easily add that site to their favorite's list of bookmarks. The local bookmarks that we all collect is then publicly shared to social bookmarking services. The user has the ability to decide what to share and what not to share.

One of the newest sites to offer this free service is savafav a catchy spin on Save a Favorite.

Users submit their bookmarks, and then vote for them by a rating system. If a story is popular, it rises to the top of the news list, and conversely, users can bury a story if it is unpopular.

Aside from the social voting aspects, savafav also serves as a convenient way to access all your bookmarks from any computer.

It is also commonly used as a marketing tool for bnloggers, and website promotion. Submitting a story to a social bookmarking site helps build traffic and if the article is popular, it will drive visitors to the source of the content.