Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Recover Your Website Passwords!

Ever wonder what you password to one of your favorites website is? We usually create user id's and passwords that are easy to remember. We also frequently use the same ID and passwords, however in some cases the user id may be taken by someone else. Many websites are beginning to implement more complex password requirements, such as alphanumeric passwords with a minimum number of characters. When this happens, we break away from our familiar routine and have to make up new passwords and use a different user id. Try remembering what you used for an ID and password five minutes from now.

The easiest way to circumvent having to remember passwords is to use OpenID. Openid is quickly becoming a preferred way to store all your passwords and have them associated with your profile. it is safe, secure and free. The drawback is that not all sites implement openid.

As an alternative, Mozilla firefox has the option to view your stored passwords and user id's as associated with website forms and login's.

To access this list:

- Tools
- Option
- Security
- Show passwords

You then can see the passwords to your website login's.
A great feature!