Monday, July 30, 2007

Using Cracks, Serials and Keygens

My previous article talked about cracks, serials and keygens. To take that concept one step further, I'll be crossing onto the dark side of the Internet. The following information is for use at your own risk. I do not assume any responsibility, liability etc. This is for your information only! 


- You may infect your system
- You may render it inoperable
- You may unleash the hounds of heck!
- You may invite spyware, popups and adware
- You are breaking the law!
(as far as DCMA and software licensing goes, You are not permitted to reverse engineer software) Applying a crack is reverse engineering!

How to apply a software crack

1. Once you have located the crack, scan it for Trojans or viruses.
Your antivirus may detect a trojan, if that is the case. delete the file and count your blessings! Move on. Find another crack, or forget about completely.  
2. If you find that there are two exe files in the crack zip contents, 
look for one that most resembles the name of the program you are trying to crack.
3. When the zip file contents is called: "crack.exe" beware! Read the included .nfo (if there is one) first 'cause that might be a Trojan.
The nfo is basically a text file with all the information inside.
Open it with notepad (shift, right click, select open program with, select notepad, put a checkmark that says "always open files of this type with this program")

You may find the serial number within, or some additional details about the crack itself. Oddly enough, crackers, hackers, and the like do have a code of ethics! They usually include a nfo file or a small text file with instructions - and of course somewhere to brag about their conquests!
4. Once you have extracted the ZIP file contents , scan it again to make sure it's clean of any virus.
5. When you apply a crack or register a serial number, try to disconnect from the Internet so you'll know if it phones home to check or not. Often, programs will use the internet to validate the serial number you have used. If that is the case, they will deactivate the serial number and render the program inoperable. They may also log your IP address. if you have a firewall program, turn it on and let it monitor any outgoing activity.

6) Once you have applied the serial number, look for a register button, or an activate option. If it doesn't exist, just exit the program, and reboot. Try the program again. It should be fully functional. You can verify this by clicking about\help, or looking in the about menu.

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