Thursday, July 5, 2007

Promote my (other) blog - get a prize!

I do hope this is a worthy contest! I’m sorry I can’t offer anyone an ipod!


I recently received some Energizer Energi to Go Cellular phone quick chargers that I could not use on my tech blog, so I thought I’d give them away! I’d say they are worth about $20 - $25 in the stores. They come with 2 AA Lithium batteries, and the charger pack itself. I have a Samsung, a Motorola, and a USB Mini (most likely can be used on some other devices)

These products are AA powered cellular phone quick chargers (they may power other devices as well) Energizer’s Energi to Go details are here.

The catch? help me promote this blog! either by word of mouth, SEO tips, any way you can to help me out, and I’ll send you one of these chargers. I’ll also throw in the shipping - (as long as it’s reasonable)


- SEO improvement for my site
- referrals, links, clicks, traffic, traffic!
- advertising dollars?
- whatever you can think of to help this blog get going!

Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed!

To enter, leave a comment on my other blog with your tips, advice, or offers etc. on the blog (Don’t forget to mention what model you want) - Samsung, Motorola, or USB Mini

I’ll draw 1 name each for these based on the whatever helps the blog the most.

I’ll draw the names on July 31, 2007.

thanks for reading!