Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mister-wong makes great bookmarks!

Social bookmarking is huge! Sites like technorati,, reddit, and others utilize your personal and public bookmarks to suggest sites for others to visit.

There is another player in the foray. has launched an english version in beta phase. I received a beta invite ad within a few minutes I was loving the concept.

Wong is not a new kid on the block either. They have millions of visitors a month for their international versions, so you can expect great success with the english version.

What does this all have to do with Musicians and artists.. well, promotion and marketing my friends. There is no law that says you can;t bookmark your own band’s links and pages etc. Then those get shared out to everyone else! How do you think facebook does it?

Whatever you have bookmarked gets shared and others can access those bokmarks. You of course can share and hide whatever bookmarks you wish (I’ll bet we all have at least 1 bookmark we keep private..)

Check out the link here