Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ipod XtremeMac iPod recorder review!

Finally, a portable recording solution that integrates into your everyday life without any extra gadgets or power supplies and cables! For the commuter, the public transit user, or the “quick…record it before I forget it” like me, the XtremeMac Ipod recorder is a welcomed innovation! Can you tell I love it? even before I’ve used it? Not at all obvious!

The recorder plugs into the bottom of the ipod (with video, and nano 2G) and seamlessly integrates with it. It has a built in speaker, as well as a standard 1/8” mini (3.5mm) stereo jack. Included is a flexible mini goose neck type microphone that can be detached from the unit. You may choose to use a line in signal from your computer sound card, or from any other low level input source. There is a line and mic input selector switch to handle the impedance and input levels. You may also purchase a lapel microphone, or use a different condenser microphone. I find it especially useful for recording a band, my lyrics or memo’s. The included mic can be easily propped up and ready to record anything.

The included microphone records in mono with two quality settings;

Low Quality High Quality
Bit Rate 352 kb/s 1411 kb/s
Sample Rate 22 .05 kHz 44 .10 kHz
Recording Times
1min\1hour(MB) 2.6\156 10.3\618
Recording Capacity (Hours)
30\60\80Gb iPod 192\384\512 48\98\129
File Format WAV
Ipod Versions Video and nano 2G.

To record with a mic in stereo, you will require a separate powered microphone. The built in line in will accept stereo recordings from your computer however. Your recordings will be saved as voice memos on your ipod and will automatically be imported into itunes on your next synch. The controls are adapted to use your ipod’s menu and selector wheel to start, play pause and delete the recordings.

Retail price(USD) $59.95 MSRP
Manufacturer’s website

Comments: Great innovation! Solid construction, great gadget for musicians, writers, memos. I wish it could record in stereo through the mic.