Friday, June 22, 2007

All Things ipod!

The ipod has quickly transformed itself into a household word, such as Duracell, Kleenex, the walkman, qtips, and coke. These are not the actual names of the product, but rather the brand name. Brand recognition is what every company aspires to achieve. Apple, once again has succeeded in a best way possible. The ipod is the defacto portable audio device to own.

Your ipod can be used as a portable hard drive with this tip, you can put an operating system on it with mojopac, and of course there are many software packages to organize your playlists, update your album art, and synch your music.

Now you can use the power of the internet to enhance your ipod. Several new services have launched on the internet in the fashion of web 2.0 products and services. All of them geared towards integrating your musical tastes into the internet, and you daily lives. Share your playlists, or download someone else’s; check out what others are listening to, or discover new music. These are some of the newest websites and services. This list below is worth a… listen!

Mobunga - Your Guide to Video Downloads for iPod, PSP, and Mobile Phones
Mobunga is a community-driven site designed to help video fans find the best mobile video content that's available on the Web. Most people have mobile, active lives, and they shouldn't be forced to restrict their videos to the desktop.

Grooveshary - Discover New Music
Grooveshark is an online service that rewards you for sharing, reviewing, and discovering new music. Get rewarded for sharing your songs and music, Keep all of your current songs and import your own playlists, Discover music and receive personalized recommendations, Sync your library with any player from iPods to iRivers.

Uplayme - Play Music. Meet People. Discover New Songs.
A Simple way to meet people and find new music just by playing songs on your computer and your iPod. Download the software and uPlayMe finds people who are playing the same music and shows you what they're listening to. You can chat with them, visit their pages on other sites like MySpace, or just find new music to listen to.

Audiozue - Show the World what's got you Grooving
With audiozue you get real-time iTunes satistics posted to your MySpace, Blog or Website. Show you friends what you're listening to. audiozue have a great selection of soundtrack templates for your blog or website. One click sends your friends to the iTunes Music Store where they can preview and download songs from your soundtrack.

Fedafi - Make RSS and Podcasting Easy
Fedafi makes RSS and iTunes valid podcast feeds easy. It's an application that anyone can install on their own website and use to generate valid RSS and iTunes Podcast feeds. No technical knowledge needed, no XML to learn, absolutely everyone can now use RSS for their business. Add RSS as a marketing channel to your business today.

Sonicswap - Share Playlists with Thousands of your Closest Friends
SonicSwap offers music playlist sharing built around social networking and collection analysis. Patent pending search technology returns playlists based on your ability to play them. Members run a software accessory called BOINK in parallel with iTunes to connect with friends through music.

jiwamusic - Create and Share Playlists
JiwaMusic is a new experiment that allows its users to search for an artist or a track; load a track originally composed by them on the JiwaMusic servers, Create some playlists and share their playlists.

Twones - Share your Playlist
Twones is the the ultimate way to make friends and find music. Sync your iTunes and iPod library with Twones and discover new music and friends. share your playlist & share your identity.

Fiql - Playlist Sharing Community
Playlists are everywhere - on the radio, in magazines, on message boards and blogs and most importantly in your music collection. As storage increases and the limits of the single album are long left behind, it's becoming harder and harder to manage music... and that's why why fiql was created . More than just a repository of playlists of all kinds, FIQL is a place to be introduced to new music by looking at other people’s playlists and to share with others your playlist and music interests.

webjay - Playlist Community
WebJay allows users to publish their music playlists on the web.