Friday, May 4, 2007

Uncommon Web 2.0 resources!

Forget visiting portals and sharing websites. If you’re looking for a taste of something different, you might try a few of the web’s unusual.

For mothers’day you might visit:

mothersclick - A Place to Gather Together with Fellow Moms and for Special Interests - MothersClick, providing new tools for all moms to safely connect online, to interact and share knowledge, and to learn from each other. By joining together, MothersClick creating a powerful resource exclusively for mothers.

Babygrapevine - Create and Share your own Baby Album
Baby Grapevine is a web and telephony-based birth announcement service which allows friends and family to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments as they happen. The service uses email, text and voicemail simultaneously to ensure everyone can hear the news and share the joy - Search more than 100,000,000 Property Records
Cyberhomes valuations give you access to most of the same information that real estate professionals use to evaluate homes. Whether you own your place, are thinking of buying, or even just looking around, you can explore data ranging from property facts, value estimates, and a variety of important indicators of local and national changes in the housing market

Coworker’s - Coworker Reviews, Ratings and Feedback
Coworkers to give people the freedom to share their honest opinions about coworkers.
Coworkers gives you real, balanced, detailed feedback about your professional reputation, and lets you share the truth about your coworkers - positive, negative, and in between. And because you can remain anonymous, you need not fear retribution. Coworkers acts as a central repository of peer review from throughout your career, and it is trusted by employers as a legitimate source of information.

Weddingmapper - Make your own Wedding Map
Wedding Mapper was built to make it fun, easy, and affordable for you to map out your wedding, ensuring that everyone from your guests to your photographer have all the information they need for your wedding. You can also use your Wedding Mapper map to save on custom designs for invitations!

Karma exchange - Do Something Good Today
The Karma Exchange is fueled by Karma Tokens created by the good actions of those who initially send them. Each Karma Token is sent from user to user carrying with it the fingerprint of each user who has touched or been touched by the goodness of each transaction. As the Karma Token travels through the exchange touching and being touched by users, its impact on the exchange grows.

Have fun!