Friday, May 11, 2007

Slipstreaming Windows XP

How many times have you reloaded windows XP on a pc or laptop only to spend half a day applying updates? Actually, updating and patching takes more time that installing the operating system itself. It’s an unavoidable fact, so live with it. There are however, some great time saving options available.

Windows XP commonly comes with Service Pack 2 nowadays, so really the updates you need will not be as large as SP2. Updates all depend on what is installed in the system as well. If you have Windows XP installed with every accessory and option, then each of those will have their own updates as well. Outlook Express and MSN messenger alone, will require at least a half dozen updates.

The good news is your Windows XP Installation files can be updated and patched to include these updates, and then can be re-burned to cdrw. This is a process called Slip-streaming. There are several programs on the market to assist with this process. One such program is called nLite. This program allows you to take the Original Windows XP installation cd, integrate it with service pack 2, and all the updates you can stomach into one handy current Windows XP installation cd. You can also further customize the Windows XP installation to include updated drivers for your special hardware, upgrade Media player to version 10 and more. The process is quite well explained on many websites, however using google to search the term - slipstreaming windows xp with updates - should be your first option. The process is a little involved and is not for everyone, but if you ever need to reinstall Windows XP, this will easily save you a couple of hours.