Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mobilize your desktop!

Mobilize your office!

For those of us that often travel and work out of the office, it is often difficult to stay in touch. For years, software manufacturers have been trying to create portable offices and means by which we can all stay in touch while out of the office.

The most common methods to connect to the office are via remote connections. Companies like Microsoft and Citrix created portals or utilities called Remote Desktop. Windows 2000 and upwards come with this utility built in, and have even integrated it into Microsoft messenger and Microsoft Live messenger. Other companies like Gotomypc built a program that allows you to connect to any of your own computers anywhere in the world. You need to subscribe to their service however. This enables you to install a program on all your pc’s that will accept incoming connections.

Remote desktop allows you to have your exact desktop from your main computer and access it through the internet as if you were actually on that pc. You are on that pc in fact, just sharing the screen. Now with AJAX,– a new javascript and XML programming language for the internet, new doors are opening to accomplish old tasks in new ways.

Desktop portals that do not require your home pc, or work pc to be involved. These new portals can be accessed anywhere using the internet. If you are at the library, school, the airport, simply login to your desktop portal and you have everything you need.

Some of the leading companies offering internet desktop applications include ORCA although they are still in beta testing. This offers a complete Windows XP, Vista, and MAC interface all done through your web browser. You can browse the internet from your internet desktop even! Dekoh is another desktop portal that has recently launched.

These websites, along with websites like yahoo, pageflakes, netvibes, and yourminis all deliver completely customizable content. If you are curious as to what kind of content you can add, you can choose from a to do list, calendar, address book, email, flickr photos, chat utilities, RSS feeds, youtube videos, myspace profiles, news, weather, reminders and appointments. All available wherever there is an available internet connection!